Bringing the fun and magic to you, we now offer GLAMPING Parties

In your home, your yard or in your favorite Camp Spot (within 3 hours of Phoenix)​

We have several options for your Glamping Adventure

Our TeePee's make the best Slumber Party in your home. Complete with themed blankets & pillows, your Glamping slumber party includes TeePee's, Air Mattresses, Pillows, Blankets, Nightlights, and more. Party Table set up optional. Up to 8 TeePee's per party

We offer a large 20' Yurt that can be set up in your yard or at your favorite Camp Site. This can be set up for a Slumber Party or as a Romantic Evening under the stars. Can sleep 2-8 people, depending on setup. 

We also offer our Vintage 1972 Yellowstone Camper.. This can be set up outside your home, or at your favorite campground. Sleeps up to 4, but most comfortable for 2. 
Charming Glampers
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How Our Party Rentals Work

Picnic & Sleepover themed setting rentals
We craft themed party settings by selecting all the elements that allow us to create a cohesive aesthetic look. Our rentals consist of themed settings. We do not rent individual items but the whole setting. We set everything up and breakdown. We neither ship our rentals nor can they be picked up. We want to make sure that the setup looks exactly how we and the client envisioned it. 

Setup & Breakdown
Our work team is made of three or more people depending on the setup. We will set everything up on the day of the event. When the event’s start time is before 11:00 a.m., we can set it up the day before. 

The space designated for the setup needs to be free of furniture and clean at the time when we arrive. We will not be responsible for moving furniture, trampolines or clearing out the area. 

For outdoor picnic setups, the sprinkler system must be turned off the day before of the event in order to avoid a wet lawn.

Everything included in the setting must be returned in the same good condition as it was received and it will be picked up as soon as the event ends. There will be a Late pick-up fee for any pick-up after 6:00 pm. 

We are responsible for disassembling our setting and picking it up only. Please be aware that we do not clean up party trash.

Contract & Payment
A $100 deposit is required to book an event. The deposit secures the date and time. In order to confirm your event, a contract must be signed along with the deposit. Terms and conditions are found within the contract. The balance is due on the date of the event.

Service Area & Transportation Fee
We are based out of Gilbert, AZ, and serve most towns within 20 miles. We can travel outside of our service area. However, there is a transportation fee based on mileage. 

Safety & Cleanliness
All our furnishings are curated thinking about your child’s safety and the good care of your house. Our setups meet the highest safety and cleanliness standards

Pillow covers, linens and blankets are professionally cleaned.

Rugs are vacuumed, sprayed and spot cleaned after every event.

String lights are battery-operated and do not present a hazard.

Non-slip mats are placed under mattresses, wooden crates and rugs so they stay in place. 

Items are replaced if necessary.